18 Aug 2021

3D Virtual Photography – You Definitely need to know about it!

For the past few years, tech advancements have stunned us several times. That is certainly the case with the field of photography as well. Startling innovations took over the traditional forms of product photography and shunned them away.

Now, 3D virtual photography is the new way to add value to product photography. Three-dimensional technology has heavily influenced various facets of business globally. By 2020, 3D tech will become a billion-dollar market with a CAGR of 21%.

3D virtual photography can enhance the online presence and marketing for all sorts of products, especially furniture. If you are a business seeking ways to boost your customer experience, 3D virtual photography is your go-to thing. Nowadays, we have smart entities that can help you with 3D virtual photography.

Here, explore with us the phenomenal realm of 3D virtual photography.

What is 3D Virtual Photography?

It is the latest frontier for visual asset creation.

3D virtual photography is a sophisticated art of using software such as CAD or Adobe Dimensions using multiple angels. One can easily find visualizer entities to carry this out for businesses and start-ups. The image will be an exact and breathtakingly realistic form of the product, just in a 3D template. Results of 3D virtual photography are epic visuals that enable viewers to have a good understanding of the product.

In essence, it is a jaw-dropping wonder in digital imagery!

Wondering how it helps businesses. Let us tell you.

For instance, you have a furniture store. You want your customers to have a better understanding of your products, online and you want to efficiently market your products. Here, 3D virtual photography will perfectly come into play. Its sheer flexibility will allow you to create an online 3D images furniture gallery on your site. Now, when a customer visits your furniture website, it will be just like that, the customer is visiting your physical furniture showroom.

How does 3D Virtual Photography work?

Let us explain using the same furniture example.

You have a furniture store (both physical and online). Now, you have a new coffee table in a store.

First, you will connect with a credible service offering 3D modeling services. That service will first create a 3D model of your coffee table. This file will be channeled as a raw source.

Next, the experts will open it with 3D modeling software. Further, they will render several images of the coffee table. Next, they will work on virtual staging and will place the coffee table in various backgrounds. After finalizing, they will post directly to online catalogs using integrated tools.

How 3D Virtual Photography brings more value than Traditional Photography?

3D virtual photography takes precedence over traditional photography in several aspects. Let us round off them below.

  • First, it will greatly improve the quality of your work. You will get stunning and high-definition imagery for your business. 3D virtual photography comes out with utter perfection. This is because the process is free from the challenges of traditional photography, for instance, the struggle to get the right light. Still, it is not easy. It requires attention to detail and expertise. A 3D modeling service can create optimal imagery as it has all the prerequisites and expertise.
  • Next, 3D virtual photography creates the most value with its cost-effectiveness. That is certainly not the case with traditional photography, which brings hefty bills. In 3D photography, you need to have a full-fledged studio with expensive equipment. All you need is the right 3D visualizing service.
  • It is quite efficient in terms of time and resource consumption. When you go digital, you end up saving a lot of time and resources. The process is fast-paced.
  • Lastly, there is much flexibility involved. You can make changes easily anytime. Moreover, this 3D imagery can be used for several platforms and mediums.

Don’t be late! Go for 3D virtual photography now.