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Save up to 6x with virtual photography

Avoid costly furniture photoshoots and logistics. Use 3D models to create captivating product content in any setting. No studio required.


Create consistent product imagery in high quality

Streamline content creation with photorealistic visuals to engage customers at various buyer journey stages and boost sales both online and in-store.

Release and sell your latest products before it even arrives

Product photography requires global transportation, props, and staging. Now, with 3 reference images create photorealistic imagery to pre-sell products.


Skyrocket your sales with an interactive 3D viewer

Create a more convenient and engaging shopping experience with interactive product displays, such as 360 viewers and view-in-room functionality.

Reduce showroom size with a endless aisle experience

Showcase infinite product options online and in-store with 360 HD Viewer integration. Allow customers to visualize products, driving sales.


Get beautiful product visuals for multiple marketing touchpoints

Create high-quality product imagery for various marketing purposes such as social media, catalogs, and email campaigns.


Average increases in conversion


Cheaper than traditional photoshoots


Decrease in returns

StyleFit platform

Create, manage and distribute product visuals with ease.

How does our product work?

Furniture companies use StyleFit to deliver immersive 3D experiences at scale.

Step 1: Digitise

We do all the heavy lifting. Our technology transforms simple product data i.e. dimensions, reference imagery and swatches into 3D photorealistic content that can be easily leveraged anywhere. This includes simple studio shots, lifestyle imagery and detail shots. 

Step 2: Visualise

Get access to our product ecosystem all in one user friendly platform. With a simple integration to your e-commerce site, maximise your sales by leveraging our 360 HD viewer, AR (augmented reality) and access your library of lifestyle imagery. 

Step 3: Analyse

Compare the success of your e-commerce conversion rate with users interacting with 360 & AR experiences.


Seamless integration with leading e-commerce platforms

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Everything you need to write professional copy 10x faster.




Everything you need to write professional copy 10x faster.




Everything you need to write professional copy 10x faster.



Most asked questions from our customers

See the most asked questions from our loving users and get the answers of your all questions.

Can I supply my own models?

Yes, all we would require is to convert your 3D file into a workable file for our viewer to display photorealistic visuals. 

How does pricing work?

Once we’ve digitised your products into 3D for a once off cost. You will be required to be on our monthly subscription plan where you can access StyleFit’s ecosystem of tools and solutions to help drive sales and reduce costs on visuals. 

How does this save me money?

Organising photoshoots for all your product variants can take up a lot of time and resources. With our technology, produce photorealistic content at scale. We’ve helped a number of our clients save up to 70% by utilising our product. 

How do you not make the products look fake?

During your onboarding, we would request a number of things including product reference imagery, material samples, mood boards to create 3D photorealistic content. As we purely focus on the furniture industry, we have set high standards to product high quality content at scale without making products look CGI.

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