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Empowering retailers through 3D product visualisation

Generate 3D visuals at scale, deploy in minutes


Create an order with references of your products.


We do all the heavy lifting and produce the assets.


Approve the 3D asset and distribute to your online channels.

Why 3D content matters

Increase sales

40% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase with Augmented Reality on websites vs those without.

Reduce costs

Organising great product imagery can be time consuming and costly. StyleFit makes it all possible, no photoshoot required.

Boost experience

30x higher adoption rates with our web-native Augmented Reality compared to traditional AR mobile applications.

StyleFit's intuitive platform

Order 3D models at scale

Import bulk orders with ease

Quality control your assets

Share, review & approve assets

Track revenue & analyse trends

Get meaningful insights to measure success

Share across all platforms

Omni-channel experience

StyleFit's tools & solutions

Make the transition effortlessly for:

• Creating   • Managing   • Publishing 3D & AR assets

3D content production:

Asset publishing:

No app required, a full
next-gen webAR experience!

camera 3

Augmented reality

Your customers can place product virtually
at the comfort of their home

Unlimited customization

Have the ability to show all variations in 3D


Lightning fast visuals

All powered through StyleFit's servers

Leverage Google Analytics to measure the success of AR & 360 experiences

Get meaningful insights to empower your online shopping experience. 

Conversion with StyleFit interaction

Compare the success of your e-commerce conversion rate with users interacting with 360 & AR experiences.

Product views with StyleFit interaction

See how many of your users are interacting with 360 & AR experiences. 

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Seamless integration with leading e-commerce platforms.

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